The Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Jan 24, 2023
The Benefits of Robotic Surgery
Robotic surgery benefits patients and surgeons. This innovative method preserves organs and nerves, causes less blood loss, and allows faster recovery than traditional procedures. This makes surgery more comfortable and reduces body strain.

Robotic surgery embodies one of the greatest medical revolutions, offering patients better outcomes and faster recovery.

At Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP in the Lenox Hill area of Manhattan in New York City, the renowned board-certified surgeons understand what it’s like to be a patient. We make every effort to ensure a smooth surgical process and make it as easy as possible for our patients. 

Our skilled surgeons use the da Vinci® surgical system for minimally invasive robotic surgery, so patients spend less time in the hospital and have easier recoveries.

How the da Vinci surgical system works

The da Vinci robotic system is the only technology available today that offers actual robotic operations. It’s the latest development in minimally invasive, post-laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon does not operate with his hands but manipulates the robot remotely while sitting at a console installed in the operating room.

The computerized system converts the movement of the hands into impulses that are sent to the robotic arms. But the da Vinci system doesn’t work alone. 

Your surgeon is a well-trained specialist, and the only thing the robot does is transmit the movements of the doctor. Performing using the da Vinci robotic system means minimizing errors and avoiding physiological tremors that everyone possesses, including the most experienced surgeons. Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform millimeter movements with absolute precision.

The da Vinci setup

The da Vinci robotic surgery system consists of a control console where the surgeon sits, a patient-side robotic unit, and a video tower. The console acts as the control center. A surgeon controls the optical fiber and instruments through the console using two manipulators and pedals.

The patient-side robotic unit is the operative component of the da Vinci system and is made of four movable and interchangeable arms, as well as instruments with a size of 5mm to a maximum of 8mm. 

Benefits of robotic surgery

Robotic surgery offers many advantages for patients and surgeons. 


We can perform surgical operations while preserving nerve bundles, large vessels, individual organs, and vital functions. Robotic surgery also ensures less blood loss than traditional surgical methods. 


This surgical technique allows surgeons to work more precisely and benefit from a 3D HD view of the surgical site. Robotic surgery improves hand accuracy. The camera allows your surgeon to isolate and view the smallest possible surgical field, allowing hands-on work with small organs, vessels, and nerve endings.


Robotic surgery makes surgical procedures more tolerable for the patient and puts less strain on the body, making recovery time shorter than in conventional surgeries. Patients experience minimal damage to organs and skin during the operation and a low probability of complications after surgery.

Cost savings

The advantages during the operation are also evident afterward. The length of your hospital stay is shorter after robotic surgery. This pleases the patients and also has a beneficial effect on costs.

The renowned board-certified surgeons at Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP have over 20 years of experience performing general surgery procedures such as gallbladder surgery, appendix surgery, colon surgery, soft tissue surgery, and other general surgery procedures.

Call Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP in Manhattan's Lenox Hill neighborhood today for more information about our minimally invasive robotic surgery.

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