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Liver Surgery

Liver Surgery services offered in Lenox Hill, New York, NY

Liver surgery treats problems such as liver disease and tumors. At Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP in  the Lenox Hill area of Manhattan in New York City, the team of outstanding board-certified surgeons uses the most advanced surgical techniques, like robot-assisted surgery, to remove damaged liver tissue and help you recover. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule your appointment today. 

Liver Surgery Q&A

What is liver surgery?

Liver surgery is a procedure to remove part or all of your liver. This kind of surgery is also called liver resection or hepatectomy.  

What are the types of liver surgery?

There are several types of liver biopsies, which are minimally invasive procedures to obtain a small sample of liver cells for testing. When it comes to liver surgeries, however, there are two types: 

Partial liver resection

A partial liver resection removes the diseased or damaged part of your liver. This surgery can remove up to 66% of your liver, provided the remaining part of the liver is healthy. Your liver regenerates over time, usually in weeks. 

Complete liver resection

A complete liver resection means the removal of your entire liver. You also need a liver transplant if you need this type of surgery. Your new liver can come from either a deceased donor or from a living donor who gives you a portion of their healthy liver. 

Both types of liver surgery are major procedures, but a complete liver resection is far more complex because it also involves a liver transplant. 

How does liver surgery work?

Liver surgery procedures depend on your specific situation and how much of your liver requires removal. The team reviews all of your treatment options, treating you like family as you make decisions about your care. 


Many liver surgeries at Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP use da Vinci® robotics. The surgeons were early adopters of this revolutionary minimally invasive surgical system, and they have years of experience in performing robotic liver surgery. 


With da Vinci robotic surgery, surgeons use highly sensitive manual controls to move robotic arms during the procedure, giving them maximum precision as they make incisions and remove the liver. 


The da Vinci system allows the surgeons a 3D view of your liver for optimal depth perception and excellent visualization of the liver, its many delicate blood vessels, and the bile ducts. 


Incisions are small in robotic surgery. Combined with the excellent maneuverability and visualization the system offers, this helps limit blood loss, which is often a serious problem with liver surgery.  


If you need more than half of your liver removed or a complete liver resection, you generally need an open surgery with larger incisions. The Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP team discusses your situation with you in detail to help you better understand your procedure and recovery. 


To learn more about liver surgery, call Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP, or click on the online appointment maker now.   

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